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The Year of the Rabbit 28.01.2011
A Typical Day In Auckland 12.01.2011
Happy Christmas from Auckland! 23.12.2010
Catching up, Hot Holidays, and Dunedin 02.12.2010
Settling In and SLOWLY Getting Organized 11.11.2010
Death and Taxes 26.09.2010
NZ Secondary School Teachers on Strike 17.09.2010
Walking on the Motorway AND on Sunshine?? 01.09.2010
Katherine Mansfield + Some Random Observations 21.08.2010
Volunteering at a Local Primary School 11.08.2010
Real Estate and a Real Life Role Model (think staunch!) 02.08.2010
HELL, slugs, and religion 28.07.2010
Decompressing at Lake Taupo 23.07.2010
National Education Standards 10.07.2010
New Maori Movie, SKY TV, Rugby, and Toxic Sea Slugs 06.07.2010
FREEDOM! Kenzie is FREE at last! 25.06.2010
Moving Day 13.06.2010
Kenzie is a CHAMP! 26.05.2010
Excursions and Past Times: 22.05.2010
Teacher Registration..... 18.05.2010
Electricity and Roaming the Neighborhood 13.05.2010
Health Club, Helensville, and the Hillary Trail 08.05.2010
Telecommunications… and Brussel Sprouts 07.05.2010
Leap and the Net Will Appear! 04.05.2010
Packing & Preparing, the countdown is approaching... 20.04.2010
Waiheke Island 18.03.2010
Lots of Pics, an Authentic 21st Century School, & Parnell 15.03.2010
Bonhomie and Bungee Jumping 15.03.2010
Enjoying our First Week-End! 12.03.2010
A busy few days - all good! 10.03.2010
Visiting schools and learning our way 09.03.2010
DEN > LAX > ACK! 06.03.2010
Pre-packing, packing, weighing, and packing again 04.03.2010
Getting Ready! 25.02.2010