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Katherine Mansfield + Some Random Observations

lots more photos uploaded for your viewing pleasure as well!

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It’s more fun to start with the random thoughts. Now that we have been here for a few months we are seeing how much we don’t know. Elections are coming up and we are clueless for the first time ever! Now that we have some small level of normalcy we see all the things we don't know and places we are just learning about and now want to go.... there is so much to see and do here + so much to learn.

For example we were looking at cars and most of the styles are ones we have never heard of. OK Mazda, but what is that Mazda? Since cars are shipped over from Asia/Japan they are Asian/Japanese models. Their GPS does not work here either. No one imports cars from Singapore due to the heavy rain there which shorts out the electrical system of the cars. Who knew?

The other day at school, it was pouring with rain (some hail too). At morning tea time the teachers all left their kids in their classrooms, UNSUPERVISED, and went off to tea! I was flabbergasted and asked if that was typical… “Oh yes they’re fine!” Hmm, I dont think it would fly if US teachers left their kids in their classrooms for 20 minutes (or more) by themselves. In another classroom about a dozen kids (age 8-9) were busily using 6 hot glue guns and getting burning hot glue all over themselves. They were quite happily making a mess and running to get cold water for their (tiny) burns. The teacher, sitting at her desk, way far away, just laughed and said we shouldn’t coddle them too much….. Ok! Today while walking Kenzie I saw 2 little barefoot, helmetless, boys hurtling down a twisty, steep hill on skateboards screaming with delight. Big boys have been reported to ride their extra long skateboards down long steep hills at night on the MOTORWAY… so I guess it fits that kiwis invented bungee jumping right?

You all know how I love my local library and my stack of bedside books is a constantly revolving half dozen. I have always heard of Katherine Mansfield but never read any of her work. Well, let me tell you, she is funny! She is totally sarcastic and acerbic about polite, boring bourgeois society. She was born in NZ in 1880, eventually got pregnant, and then recuperated in Germany (not sure what happened to the baby) where she began the famous modern short story genre with the publication of her first book, In a German Pension. Apparently, soon after she married she left him & ran off with her another lover; they published and worked together for some years before she died around age 40ish. She sounds very unconventional and exciting for the Victorian Era! I think I would have liked her in person if she was as funny as her writing.

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Are you talking about elections in NZ or over here? I hope that political ads are not as negative on the other side of the world. It has gotten disgusting here to listen to one side and then the other slam their opponents! UGH.

No one watching the kiddos?? Hot glue guns? OK, maybe we do pamper our students a bit but that sounds like a recipe for a big accident and possible lawsuit! I don't think I could leave my class unsupervised for that long. I just went through ALL your photos. Thought I had seen them all but there were many new to me. Really interesting and great comments by you! Hugs to you and Howard and pats to my buddy Kenzie! Good post! I will check out Katherine Mansfield!!

by barbmercha

oh my you are a glutton for armchair travel to look at all my pix!! Glad you had fun! I was tlaking about NZ elections, the big deal is that they want to make Auckland a super sized city and take over local councils (like counties) like a giant octopus reaching out arms. How that will actually work is all up for grabs.

by Hilary G

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